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Czech-Slovak Road Trip

March 30, 2009

My friend Lucas Swieykowski from Argentina was on the phone. Did I want to join him and Nike ACG team mate Robin Kaleta for a film trip in the Czech Republic and Sovakia? Hell yes! I was going to Jasna anyhow for the FWTQ so why not make the long trip worth it by checking out these countries I had never been too? The following day I picked Lucas up from the train station and 10 hours later we arrived at Robin’s home in Stritez.

Our trip consisted of skiing and filming the best the Czech Republic and Slovakia had to offer, including Reka, Vratna-Chleb and Jasna. Fog, rain and wind certainly posed some challenges for us but it didn’t stop us from experiencing the warm hospitality of the people here. I was amazed how developed the freeski-scene is and how committed the local skiers are. It just goes to show that good skiers can come from smaller resorts without all the bells and whistles. Thanks so much to Czech’s most successful freeski pro Robin Kaleta and our cameraman Tomas Galasek for showing us such a good time. Here are some impressions of our trip:


Disappointing Crash in the Nendaz Freeride Finals

March 16, 2009

The good news is that I came 2nd in a very strong field of female skiers on the qualification day, the bad news is that I didn’t score on my final run due to losing both my skis. For the finals I skied a fast line with 3 big cliff drops, really making the most out of the great snow conditions and open face. On the very last few meters of the run I “double ejected” upon landing my last drop. What I didn’t know was that the snow in the lower elevations had been warmed up considerably by the sun and became sticky, causing me to instantly fly out of my bindings the second I landed. You can imagine how frustrated I was after such a good run.

However, I still had such a fun time and could gather new experiences during this excellent competition. I have gained so much confidence in my own abilities during the season that my goal of becoming a better skier has already been achieved. For results and pics visit

Cliff drop to disaster by Walter Forstenpointner

Cliff drop to disaster by Walter Forstenpointner

3rd Place at Salomon Freeride Extreme Championships in Taos, USA

March 8, 2009

After a 6th and 4th place in Fieberbrunn and Chamonix respectively I’ve made it onto the podium with a 3rd place at the Salomon Freeride Extreme Championships in New Mexico. I was super happy with my run, choosing a technical top section through rocky terrain, then a tight entry through trees where I found a fun air to launch out of them, and then finally cutting across to a big drop drop called Mini Mouse.

Taos is a Freeride World Tour Qualifer where I can collect points, now putting me in place 10 in the Freeride World Ranking.

Kästle team mate Karine Falck-Pederson and I having a ball

Prize giving in the Martini Tree bar

Heliskiing in the Skeena Mountains, Canada

March 3, 2009

This past week I’ve had the pleasure to experience one of the most exclusive heliski operations in the world. Skeena Heliskiing, only 3 hours north of Vancouver airport, offers everything anyone has ever dreamed about a heliski trip. Expert guiding to new locations every day, small groups of 5 people in B2 or B 407 helicopters with a guarantee of 30,500 vertical meters per week and of course first class accomodation in the “Cliffs at Kispiox River Lodge” which – with its family atmosphere, excellent home made food and entertainment area – is almost as hard to leave as the skiing.itself. Situated in northern BC, the Skeena Mountain range is characterised by continual snow dumps and powder snow due to its colder temperatures.

The crew

Mountains as far as the eye can see

Ice fishing