I was born in Lech am Arlberg and started skiing at 3 years of age. My sister and I grew up in a winter paradise. My Mum used to send us to ski school instead of kindergarten, and Dad – who’s a ski instructor – spent a lot of time with us on the mountain. At the age of 8 I moved to Torquay, Australia with my family and didn’t return to live in Austria until I was finished with high school, but I still managed to get 6 weeks of skiing in per year. Unlike many other freeskiers who come from a racing background, skiing for me was all about riding off-piste from the age of 14. I simply loved to ski off-piste and I remember desperately wanting to ski in the best ski school group. By the time I reached 18, I had developed a sound technique and confidence in all different types of snow conditions. I then went on to complete the Level II and III ski instructor courses and became the first woman in Austria to complete the Level III course in both skiing and snowboarding. When I wasn’t ski instructing, I was skiing with my mates who always encouraged me to step it up. It was my mate McFly who first introduced me to the world of freeskiing and how you can use the snow and terrain like a huge canvas to play in. All of a sudden I was opening it up, arcing long turns and looking for objects to jump off. It really created a whole new side to my skiing and I was hooked. In 2004 I entered and won my first Big Mountain contest, the Red Bull Snowthrill in Slovenia. Today I am a professional freeskier and devote my time entirely to freeskiing.

Skiing professionally allows me to live a life full of excitement, fun, and diversity, but it also involves certain risks. Understanding and learning about nature and staying safe in the mountains is a major aspect of being a big mountain rider. I spend some of my time in winter passing on this mountain knowledge as a professional ski mountain guide and a director of freeride camps – which is a great challenge for me.

My goal this year is to qualify for the Freeride World Tour and simply ski the best I can and film and shoot in beautiful locations.


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